loongkoongoh asked: hey, my name is LoongKoon, I am current staying in Mountain View. I really really love all of your pictures. Was just wondering, will you write a book about your travel photography experience or photo collections in future! (Anticipated)

Hey LoonKoon,

Thank you for the kind words. Umm I have been trying to work on a photo book for a while now, but i just don’t seem to get the motivation to put it together. I really want to make one, but i think i need more time until i feel ready for it. :)

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jasperodonnell asked: Hi Emmanuel, Hope you don't mind me reblogging your images. You, Theo, Yougo and the Goodbye Horses crew are an amazing source of inspiration not only for technical photography but for a free lifestyle and friendship that I admire. Your work inspires me and encourages :)

Hahah, All good man! Thank you for the support! I am glad my work empowers you!! <3

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willhannancreative asked: Hi there, just posting to say that i love your work and the lifestyle you lead. I am planning on cycling around europe this summer with my friends and i've been wondering for a while what you do for expenses whilst you travel? do you stay in some areas for a little while and find work or do you manage to sell your photos? would love to know as i'm confused as to how to go about it all! keep doing what youre doing its amazing. best, will


Well I just save a lot of money before i go anywhere. You can’t really count on money you don’t have. I do sell some photos here and there, but that is not enough to keep me going. 

Good luck on your adventures in Europe!

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roadtoeldorad0 asked: My God, you are so skilled and so very sweet from what I see on here. So happy I found your blog! You are so inspiring and impact so many people with what you do!

Thank you so much! I am kind of blushing a bit by your words, all while half a sleep from just waking up, haha. 

Thank you again for the kind words! You made my morning! :)


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