roadtoeldorad0 asked: My God, you are so skilled and so very sweet from what I see on here. So happy I found your blog! You are so inspiring and impact so many people with what you do!

Thank you so much! I am kind of blushing a bit by your words, all while half a sleep from just waking up, haha. 

Thank you again for the kind words! You made my morning! :)


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mwhitesheet asked: tu viens souvent en france?

Actuellement, je suis à Amiens, mais je vais revenir à New York le 8 avril.

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mwhitesheet asked: tes photos laissent rêveur


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ohsarahdarling asked: Where do I find friends like you and yours?! Everyone is so beautiful and so is your work <3 .

The internet?  i mean kind-of really, haha.
I think everyone is beautiful it is just a matter of how you capture them. my friends are not models they are real people and we are all beautiful in our own way. :)

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through-slanted-eyes asked: Hey Emmanuel, I'm Kenny. I'm currently in NYC. Was wondering if you're interested in planning a roadtrip next year or something of that sort?

Hey man, umm I don’t really know you so i can’t just say i will go on a road trip just like that. I mean if i go to know you and we kick it off well, i don’t see why not. :) 

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datasss asked: awesome job man, do you shoot fil or these pics are digital?

They are a mix of Film and Digital. 

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spordreki asked: what film cameras do you use, or which film cameras would you recommend to someone starting out with film? your work is truly stunning!

I use a T5. I don’t know what to tell you about which camera you should get i mean, I personally don’t like manual focus. But it is kind of nice once and a while to go manual when shooting film. But any camera is a nice one as long as you know your camera. I say, buy yourself the cheapest one you can afford and spend the rest of the money on various films so you can see the difference between the films ;) 

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cupcake-cosmonaut asked: I was wondering how you got started backpacking and how you met such amazing friends that would go along with you. I love your work so much by the way!

Umm I just decided to quit my job in NY and leave to Europe for a while and just live and explore. It was a risky move from my part but i am glad i did it. I am always looking to meet new people, and i love to hear others stories about their lives. I guess i am just a bit of a peoples person, but then again so is everyone you meet while traveling. The funny thing about traveling alone is that you feel force to meet new people and talk to everyone. and you will be surprise how nice most people are. as you go along in your travels you will meet people who will travel with you on a whim, it like your project your “travel energy” on to them and motivate them to do the same :D 

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fachda asked: I like your photography, what camera do you use to capture your images especially night picture? I’m a fan of your work, and can you tell me what editing program you use to get your photos to look the way they do? :) best regards from indonesia

Thank you.
At night i use a D700 or my T5. As for editing i just use Lightroom. <3

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bengrill asked: whooa hey i really really like your photos! they're pretty special. i hate asking this question to other photographers, but i'm really curious as to what camera & film you use ? the colors and everything are just so nice :))

I use a D700 and a T5 with various films. :) 

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mikelikesawesome asked: The way you use light in your work is masterful. Any tips for how your able to get such beautiful colors so frequently? Incredible work, brother!

Thank you man!

umm not sure what i can say about tips other than pay attention to the light around you when you take a photograph. Light = colors :) 

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sparklewardrobe asked: Your photos are awesome! they really make wanna go out, travel around the world and enjoy life :)

You say my photos makes you want to go out and travel around, but what is stoping you from doing so? I think that you should just do it! Go travel and see more of this world! :)

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o-ndine asked: Omg I could spend all day at your tumblr <3 I'm in love with your pictures, you are very good. One day I'll be taking photos like yours, but, yet, I'm still practicing :) Congrats.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am confident that you will too!! Practices makes perfect! <3

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Live to Love, Live to Explore