mikelikesawesome asked: The way you use light in your work is masterful. Any tips for how your able to get such beautiful colors so frequently? Incredible work, brother!

Thank you man!

umm not sure what i can say about tips other than pay attention to the light around you when you take a photograph. Light = colors :) 

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sparklewardrobe asked: Your photos are awesome! they really make wanna go out, travel around the world and enjoy life :)

You say my photos makes you want to go out and travel around, but what is stoping you from doing so? I think that you should just do it! Go travel and see more of this world! :)

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o-ndine asked: Omg I could spend all day at your tumblr <3 I'm in love with your pictures, you are very good. One day I'll be taking photos like yours, but, yet, I'm still practicing :) Congrats.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I am confident that you will too!! Practices makes perfect! <3

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nouu5 asked: In love with all your work ❤

Thank you <3!

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andrugs asked: A friend of mine who goes to city college with me just put me onto your work. My god man, you are a goddamn excellent artist. Everything from your color to content is awesome. I'm currently studying graphic design but photography is definitely a passion of mine. I feel guilty for not using my film camera now, everything I've shot to date has been digital, feel free to peep my work. Peace and love, take care!

haha dope man!

Thank you for the kind compliment. I mean film is expensive and i don’t use it too often, I am cheap with it, haha. Your work is quite eye catching looks like stuff i see on my tumblr feed, haha :P keep it up man. :D

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2-0h asked: Love love love love, all your photos. You've got an amazing talent and I admire you greatly for it. The photos you take are beautiful and please keep up the photography, I will enjoy looking at your blog every now and then, now I have found you!! Perfect photography! ❤️

Thank you for the kind words! <3

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